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Casa di Perla - bomboniere 4u - the original home of Bomboniere in Australia. - Our story

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Our story
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Our story
Casa di Perla About Us

Our story begins, and is essentially the history of Bomboniere in Australia, with Maria Yiannopoulos. Maria had studied and worked as a milliner in Athens, Greece. Her husband George attended military academy and studied politics and law.

Shortly before the breakout of World War 2, Maria (aged 19), George and her infant son Tasos, migrated to Australia settling in Melbourne.
A couple of years after their arrival, Maria and George opened their first shop (Newsagency & Gifts), in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.


Lonsdale street store
The first shop - Lonsdale Street
In the 1940s Maria's artistic flair took over, marking the beginning of the Bomboniere industry. Recognising a need for special occasion accessories specifically catering to the needs of Australia's Greek and Italian community, Maria commenced making wedding and christening accessories and Bomboniere.

In the 1950s the shop was relocated to Swanston Street. It was called the Yiannopoulos Emporium, catering for everything one would need for a European special occasion. From that time onwards the name Yiannopoulos became synonymous with Bomboniere.

George Yiannopolous
Maria Yiannopolous
Yiannopolus Emporium - Swanston Street

When I was born, the family business was well and truly established. As a child my mother's work room was my playground. Rolls of Tulle, imported lace, ribbon and flowers were all my playthings. Occasionally, I would give her quite a surprise by cutting up one of her most expensive laces to make a dress for a doll.

Emporium Staff

1950s Maria (Right) with her sales team.

I was always involved in the family business in some capacity. Eventually, I took over our Brunswick store in 1993 and renamed it Casa di Perla. I then began introducing, in addition to the traditional style Bomboniere, my new contemporary concepts and designs. My very first Bomboniere design was using black wrought iron sun, moon and star candleholders (remember them?). They were a success and from that moment the Bomboniere industry took a different direction.

Bomboniere 4 U Shopfront
Casa di Perla - Brunswick today

I dedicate this website to my mother, father and brother who were pioneers in this industry and taught me everything I know.

Olga Yiannopolous  
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